Songwriter, Producer, Content Creator for Hire




Songwriting in a variety of genres, with services including melody and chord composition, lyric writing, and song structure

Original music production for multi-use purposes, such as film, podcasts, YouTube, video games, commercials, influencers, whoever and whatever

Content creation for social media, such as TikTok and Instagram, with full video and music production done entirely myself


Hello! John here. I am a musician, songwriter, producer, and lover of all things music-related.

I offer a wide-range of online services in a variety of styles including songwriting, producing, content creation, and video editing. I am a classically trained pianist / vocalist with 20+ years experience and have a degree in percussion.

I can guarantee high-quality, meticulously executed services to fit your need. And with fast results. All of my work is done in my own studio and provided digitally. All of my video is captured and edited myself as well.


I specialize in melody composition, and am obsessed with unique chord progressions. Have lyrics to a song? I’ll write the melody + chords and map out each section. 


Or what about that missing piece to a nearly completed song... say, some piano tracks? Or an eerie background synth to tie it all together? Sure, count me in.


I am also on TikTok under the username @blondgoblin with over 18,000 followers (in less than a month). I was recently featured on Ocean Spray's official page for a video that reached over 115,000 likes, 700,000 views, and grew their account by an additional 12,000 followers in a little over a day's time. Let me create a video for your brand!

Booking is simple. Just click below!​ Also, please check out some of my work. 


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